Friday, September 30, 2011


We are in Austin. The weekend we arrived, a huge fire started in a near by city. It lasted a while, and destroyed a lot! So far we are liking it here! We just missed the crazy heat, but its still hot. And we LOVE it! We are staying with Robins host family until we can get jobs, and find a place of our own. It is beautiful here! There has been a really bad drought, and lots of things are dying. But its still pretty. There are so many things always going on downtown or nearby. So much great food!! The month of September we have experienced Home Slice Pizza, Salt Lick BBQ, Thunderhill Raceway, Downtown Austin: The Capitol Building, The "Bat" bridge, 6th Street, a possum that made its nest next to the bbq, bought a car, Robin got his green card and I got a nanny job. That's most of September