Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Our Short Story

Tina Marie Hamberg and Robin Dave Haffer
Married June 22, 2010 in San Marcos, Texas

~Our Story~

Tina and Robin met on LDSSingles.com in January 2010.
Immediately they hit it off and began talking back and forth over the internet through chatting and Skyping until they were able to meet in person in June 2010. Their face to face meeting was put on hold when Tina freaked out about how well things were going.
However, after a lot of thought and a dream, she decided to
contact Robin and go ahead with a face to face meeting.


June 16, 2010: Tina decides to book a flight to Texas to see Robin.

June 18, 2010: Tina arrives in Austin, Texas and sparks flew!!

June 19, 2010: Robin proposes to Tina on a twilight walk and
obviously she said YES!during the walk...Haha his expression is the best!

June 20, 2010: Tina gave her Dad a great Father’s Day surprise by announcing her engagement

June 21, 2010: Tina and Robin got their Marriage License, and made an appointment for the following day to get married..

June 22, 2010 at 1:30pm Tina and Robin got married!