Monday, January 31, 2011

Our new addition to the family

This is Lilly. She is our new addition to the family. Robin got her for me last week, to help keep me company while he is gone during the week. He got her after we had gotten his mom a puppy for her birthday. He saw how much I fell in love with her. So my sweet hubby got me one of my own. She is a mix of a Beagle and a Shi-tzu. She was born November 26th. I am very happy to have her! I am sad though that I have to leave her home alone while I am at school in the morning. She did a great job today though! Here are a few other pix of her and Sunny. (the dog for Robins mom)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Robins Eye Surgery

So Robin has been looking into getting this done for a while now. He hates his glasses, and because of the shape of his eyes (and thickness, I think) he cant wear contacts for a long period of time. So he got aproved by his eye doctor, and the insurance. So he didnt waste anytime. He was pretty good at hiding his anxiety till the night before and morning of. But he made it through and is doing great! He has had a few check ups and they said that everything is looking great!

This was right before he went into the surgery room

This was right after...

he braved walking "blind" with me to get some lunch.

and Robin being Robin at lunch

this was the guy that stayed over night just for us. Robin was pretty excited because it was a "young dude" who brought his PS3. So they played games all night

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My 27th Birthday

It was kind of cool to have my birthday in the land I was born in. It was sweet. Tuesday (11th), I got a wake up call from my hubby singing Happy Birthday to me. I also got sung to at school, and two of my classmates got me a little present. I was not expecting that. Then later that evening my friend Beate came over to give me a little something and visit since she wouldnt be able to make it Saturday. She brought me a little friend to keep me company... a cute, fat hampster. We call him little Robin... since he is always holding food.

Saturday, we had our friends come over and have a little party. We had Sweet and Sour Chicken (which I made!), played some games, and had some cake. It was a lot of fun! From left to right: Uli, Bettina, Robin and Roland

hahah this was one of the games from "Schlag den Raab". You had to put an "egg" shaped rock between your knees and run around the table, and I was kickin his butt so he took my chair but I still won! haha

this game we had to cadapult a little flag into the box with numbers... and this was my final shot, and Roland was crossing his fingers that I wouldnt get a point. and I did, and us girls WON! lol

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years

We didnt really want to do anything big for New Years, so we just stayed in, cooked some good food, watched a movie, and then at midnight we lit of some firecrackers.