Monday, February 21, 2011

Our weekend in Köln (Cologne)

So Robin suprised me with a trip to Köln for 5 days. The first day we drove up to a little town called Hilden, where Robins work headquarters is. He had training Friday and Saturday. Normally Im not allowed to go with him, but after his training we were headed to Köln. On the way up we found a KFC!!!! Of course we stopped so that I could have some! It was SO good!

While Robin was in his class, he scheduled me for a 1.5hr massage! (for only 30€) It was so nice! (also another thing different from the states... they arent so shy about moving the sheet... haha) Anywho...Saturday we left for Köln, and Robin made me close my eyes when we got close to our hotel so I didnt find out where we were staying...and he got us a room in the Hyatt right on the river! It was beautiful!

Saturday night we wanted to go find a Karaoke Bar, so we set off into the city and found one. It was fun, I sang two songs....back to back... NOBODY else put a song in till 10-20min after I sang my second one... I figured since it was packed that I would give him both and then he would rotate me in... nope. After my first song I went to hand him back the mic and he your other song... So I sang the other one.

Then it was cold and kinda late, (we are old people now) so we decided to head back to the hotel. So we go to the train station, and just as we are getting there here comes the train. So NO time to buy a ticket and we werent sure if another one was comming or when. So we got on without a ticket. (which I was against and is a 40€ fine per person) We sit down as Robin is talking out a stratagy if we get asked for our tickets... nothing to good either... he told me to start crying and say that Im not from here and what not... low and behold the controllier was standing right infront of us, comes around and asks us for our tickets...haha So Robin tried talking in english without a german accent, and the guy wasnt buying it, so I chimmed in and said that I am sorry, I have never been here before and I wasnt even sure if we were on the right train. And Robin asked if we could buy a ticket from him, and he said no, I dont sell tickets. But luckily for us there was a ticket kiosk on the train! So we went over and purchased two tickets for 5€ instead of an 80€ fine!We had a great laugh about that and still do..

Sunday morning brunch was amazing! SO much to choose from! And such delicious food! Then after breakfast we went for a walk with Lilly to wear her out so we could go do the tour of the Köln Dom. Which was really neat, and exhausting! To climb up the tower, it was about 30min and 509 stairs in a small spiral. With only one way up and one way down...

It was freezing and very windy so we went into one of the gift shops and I bought a Köln beanie to help keep me warm.

We were also trying to find a lock to put onto the famous Hohenzollernbrücke with all the rest.

So we went into almost every gift shop and they didnt really have anything. Which you would think they would carry locks since that is what a LOT of people do when they are in Köln... anywho. We had a great time!

We found this Chicago Steak House while walking around that we decided to try for dinner...and it was HORRIBLE! Both of our steaks came out almost raw. I almost threw up. And the service here in Germany is HORRIBLE as well... they dont really ever check up on you. Im still not used to it.

Monday Robin had an interview so I packed up everything while he was gone and then when he got home we went and got a lock, had it engraved and headed back to the bridge. We took Lilly with us of course, cause I needed to take a "family picture".

Brought my tri-pod and everything... haha We went and put our lock on the bridge. Then we headed home.

Lilly was so patient that I had to take a pic of her on the bridge too...

I really enjoyed spending that time with my husband!!! We usually only get Friday nights to Monday mornings together, and then he is gone the rest of the week somewhere in Germany. That time together really brought us closer together! I cant believe that we are comming up on our one year anniversary. It seems like I have been with hime my whole life. We are so good together. I'm sure some of you reading this part probably think that I am just saying that. But I'm not! For those of you who know me, know that I couldn't be happier! He is my soul-mate! I never believed in that till it happened to me! I truly love Robin with my whole heart and soul! I love the fact that I still get butterflies in my stomach when we kiss, or when I look into his eyes! We have fun together, we get is an amazing feeling! Even when I am upset at him for somthing, I cant stay mad, especially when I look into his eyes. IT SUCKS! haha ;-) Anywho, I just wanted to get out there how much I love my husband and how happy he makes me!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Not a whole lot has happened this month. The weather has been warm and cold....which has been VERY annoying!! Most of the month has been trying to train Lilly, and I have had school, and Robin work...

Though,Robin just suprised me! This weekend, he is taking Lilly and I to Köln for the weekend. I am SO excited! He has training Friday and Saturday, then Sunday and Monday We get to spend the WHOLE time together!!! Pictures to come soon...