Sunday, October 31, 2010

Camera lesson

Today Jen and I got to have a camera lesson with one of Jays work buddies. It was a lot more helpful then reading. here are just a few pix..

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Night of the Jumps

Robin has been SO excited about this since August 5. We were completely EXHAUSTED, but it was really cool! There was even an American rider! Who won!!! Here are some pix. I was still trying to get used to my new camera, so some aren't the best. But it was fun!!

this is most of the riders.

this is me and Brody Wilson, the only American

and of course Robin wanted to get a picture too

Saturday, October 23, 2010

meeting my mother in law

So... I was a little nervous to meet my mother in law. Being that we have a little bit of a comunication wall...she can only speak a little english, and I can only speak a little german... but it was really fun. We had dinner with her, and showed her all the pictures from our adventures and the video of the wedding. Robin even left us alone for about 30 min to run to the store... we had the awkward silence moments and fun times trying to explain what we were trying to say. Here are a few pix of our second meeting. She bought me a BEAUTIFUL hand stiched Hungarian blouse.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Lunch at McDd's (again)

Today I got to meet the infamous Ethan, and his parents. He just recently went home from his mission that he served over here, and he and Robin became really close. So he came back with his parents to show them where he served and met up with us for lunch.. that was an adventure. All the restaraunts dont open till 5ish. Usually at least some are open for lunch, but apparently not today. So sadly we ended up going to McD's. (again) But it was nice to finally meet him, and his parents were curious to hear more about OUR story. Oh and I also found out that someone from church here has a daughter who lives in Post Falls! CRAZY small world!!!

This is Robin, Me, Ethan, and his parents

Hangin in Reimstein/Landstuhl/Martinshöhe

Had a great week hanging out with some friends from Spokane. I was able to have someone to talk to and do stuff with during the day! We went shopping with and without kids, I got to go on base and get some American things, we went to the zoo, went to a pumkin farm and got a pumpkin, hung out with kids, and got closer with a good friend. I got to see Robin a little more since we were close to where he was for the week. I really enjoy having someone close! I am going back up there the first week of November, and she also invited us for Thanksgiving. (since the Germans dont celebrate that)

Robin trying very hard to make noise with the grass. (eventually he got a little noise)

The Zoo we went to

It was crazy, this young deer came right up to the gate, then the others followed.

The racoon sniffing us as we were leaving.

the kids not cooperating after they asked for their picture to be taken

Robin (finally) holding the baby, while mommy proceeds to tell him that we should have one of our own.

Robin and Emma at Chili's for her bday dinner

big brother and mom (baby brother was in his carseat)

me with all the kids, saying our last goodbyes.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Affenburg (Monkey Park)

Today we went to a monkey park with Roland and Üly. Its neat, you walk through and can feed monkeys. They just sit there and wait for you to feed them. There are also parts with deer(which there were none) and pelicans. It was really fun! Here are some pix from that adventure.

Robin feeding the monkey

Me feeding my first monkey

its crazy, they just sit and wait for popcorn

just chillin on the log

this little monkey was hiding in the trees, til he cautiously came over when I called him. He slowly came over so I could feed him, then some rude kid ran over and scared him away...

Robin being Robin

haha he wanted to be a monkey (he was mad cause I wouldnt give him the rest of my popcorn)

AWE! the tiny little baby! It was SO cute! It was still learning how to climb

Me and my favorite honey

some adults and "baby" swans

haha well there weren't any deer, so Roland prettended to be one, and Robin fed him

there were quite a few of these all over