Monday, November 29, 2010

Our tree

Saturday we went and got the tree that Robin had bought (when they had a Wal*Mart here)from the garage. Then we went to a few stores to get some decorations for the tree. It was a little difficult... its not like shopping for ornaments in the states. They only have a little to choose from in the store. But all in all I got some and our little tree looks really cute! I just need to go and get a few more ornament hooks to add the rest of them. Well here is a pic of the tree so far...

during the day...

At night...


Friday we got our first snow. It was just a little, but we hadn't put on the snow tires yet. Robin wasn't expecting it to snow, and had to drive home in the snow... So first thing Sat. morning, we took the car to get the snow tires on. Then over the weekend, the snow had pretty much melted away. When we woke up this morning (monday), there was quite a bit of snow, and it was still comming down. It snowed off and on all day today. It is very pretty, but not fun to walk in! Here are a few pix that I took from Friday and today.

The first snow on Friday (Nov. 26, 7am)its a little dark...

one of the cars I walked by on the way to the train station. (11-26)

Walkin to the station (Nov. 29, 7am)

The view from our bedroom window (11-29)

A view of one of our balconies from the bedroom (11-29)

The back patio/balcony (11-29)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

We celebrated Thanksgiving on Sunday. Since Robin was gone on Thursday, I talked him into doing a little dinner for the two of us. And it turned out SO good!!! We got a turkey breast and cooked that instead of a whole turkey for just the two of us... and it was so juicy and yummy!!!

We hoped that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!!

This was our dinner.... ;-)

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Usually we have girls weekend on Thursday, but this week we had a combined night. So we had a girls evening on Saturday. We went to Friedrichshafen. We walked around the city and had fun in a few stores. It got really cold so we came back and went to an Irish Pub for dinner. Then we hung out and talked.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Market

This weekend turned out to be BEAUTIFUL, sunny and warm!!! Saturday we were finally able to make it to our Saturday Market. It was really neat. Robin said that its not like it used to be. More of selling junk then the old school, original stuff. Then on Sunday, it was also a beautiful day, so we went up and took a few pictures for our Christmas card. Here are just a few pix.

In the middle of Saturday Market

The View of Ravensburg

This was our "test" photo

Monday, November 8, 2010


After we went to see where I first started, we went to Luxembourg. Hoping that the stores would be open cause Robin forgot to bring his black dress shoes for work... Being that it was a holiday, the stores in Germany were closed. But it wasnt just a holiday for Germany... haha so the stores were NOT open. So he didnt get any shoes, but we did get a nice walk in and had some crepes. (my FAV!) It is so beautiful here! Here are some pix from our adventure in Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

a Notre Dame chapel

Robin in a cool phone booth

I love how it caught the sun rays

my husband being silly

the Adolphe Bridge

my wonderful husband

a neat sunset

Monday, November 1, 2010

My first Home

I was born in Bitburg Germany almost 27 years ago. I was only 4 months when we moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. I obviously have no memory of it besides the pictures. So I finally got to go and see it myself! (the outside only) And I was so excited and anxious the closer we got. It felt really good to finally go and see where I started my life. I cant explain how it makes me feel. Here are some pix of the street, and the house.

Autobahn Ausfahrt

straße Ausfahrt

My haus

The Straße

my sassy husband

My haus and Straße

My haus and the Bitburger Pills beer factory

Tschuss (goodbye) haus

the beer factory