Saturday, June 18, 2011


I wanted to show how big Lilly has gotten so I copied a pic that we took when we first got her.

Lilly (2months old) and Robin on January 29, 2011

Lilly (7months old) and Robin on June 18, 2011 (Robin 3 days after his surgery...)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Robins surgery

Robin has been having a hard time breathing through his nose and snoring REALLY loud! So he looked into getting it fixed. They first looked to see if they could solve it with medicine but I guess his sinuses were REALLY clogged! So they made a surgery date for him for June 15 at the Ulm Military Hospital. So I drove him to the hospital and waited for him to go into surgery then waited for him to come out. When he came out he was so drugged up, and looked like he was in so much pain. He warned me before he went in that last time he woke up out of anesthesia, that he talked a lot of I was for warned....So I came in and in German Robin asked me who I was, and he really looked out of I told him, and he said "who?", me : " Its me, Tina, Your wife..." and he said, "No, I dont have a wife" and it went like that for a minute...then he says "ha..ha..ha Im just kidding", but he couldnt laugh or move his face so it was pretty funny how he laughed... but to say the least I was a little worried till he did that... butthead. Anywho...I stayed with him for a few hours to make sure he was ok, then he told me to go home and take care of Lilly and relax. There was nothing I could do there and I had to go home at some point anyway. So, I went home and couldnt sleep so I was on the computer talking with my older brother till about 1am. I finally fell asleep but then had to wake up about 7, shower and get ready to drive and pick up Robin by 11. When I got to the hospital, Robin was ready to go home. He couldnt sleep all night. So I got him home and he slept the rest of the day.
The following week Robin had his appointment to get the silicone that was in his nose taken out. Those things were HUGE! But now he can breath much better and doesnt snore so much anymore. Only when he sleeps on his back.

Robin being taken to surgery

When he first got back

Saying goodbye

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Roland and Uli's Wedding

So today, friends of ours are getting married in the church, and they asked me if I would sing two songs during the cerimony. Of course I said that I would, but that I tend to get emotional when I sing. They said that was fine. So I practiced and practiced. Today when I sang, I almost started crying at the beginning of the first song, but then I stopped myself and made it through both songs with out messing up or crying! YAY! I was so excited!
Anywho. The cerimony was beautiful and the reception was awesome!!! EVERYbody was dancing, talking having a great time! They had a live band and it was such an awesome experience. It was a mix of a Hungarian-Romanian Wedding/Reception. The food was GREAT, the Cakes were DELICIOUS, and I had SO much fun!
I started to get a headache around midnight so Robin and I decided to go home. When we left there were still TONS of people there. I think that everyone stayed till about 3:30am, cause that was the latest taxi would come. It was SO much fun! I will never forget it!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Done with School

So today was my last day with my German course. We had our Deutsch B1 test May 27, and today was the test on German history, politics and so on.
I started my Integration Course November 22, 2010 - May 27, 2011 and had German classes every Monday-Friday from 8am-12pm. Then from May 30, 2011 - June 10, 2011 I had Orientation Course every Monday-Friday from 8am-12pm.
In the Integrations Course we learned to speak German. We were only allowed to speak German in class. The Orientation Course we learned (real fast) about the German history, politics, and so on.

I really enjoyed having class every day. Though sometimes it was hard to get up in the mornings and walk to the station, but I did it and I am glad I did.

For the B1 test, I think that I did pretty well. I know of a few mistakes I made, but for the most part I felt pretty confident.
The Orietation test, I felt pretty comfortable with that one too... it was a lot smaller test and I think a lot easier. There were 25 multiple choice questions and you were allowed to get 12 wrong. I was the first one finished out of my class. So my teacher looked at my paper and told me that I passed! I only missed 4!! But you dont get the certificate for 6 months! Retarded I think... but anywho. I passed and am very happy with my score!

...about June 22, I received an email from the school saying that my B1 Certificate was there and waiting for me to pick it up. So I passed that test too! If I wouldnt have passed, then I was supposed to take 3 more months of school and then re-take the test. Luckily for me I dont have to take 3 more months.

This is my certificate....

This is the majority of my class (lots of people hardly showed up)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Frankfurt Consulate

Most of you guys know that Robin has been going through the Green Card process. Well we got an email with our appointment date for the consulate interview. Things went a lot faster then we thought it would. So about a month ago, we got an email saying that our interview at the Consulate would be on June 3, at 8:00am. Since Frankfurt is a little ways away, we left the day before and stayed with some friends of Robin. We got there a little after lunch time, so one of Robins friends took us to the city so we can look around. In Germany, June 2nd, is a holiday, pretty much everything was closed. Of course the "Tourist" places were open. So we walked around, I took pix and it was really pretty and scary! At night we got to go on a German Police ride along for about 30min... and he told us about some pretty crazy things that happen there. But it was really neat!
June 3, we got up early, got ready and were gonna leave at 7am, so we start driving and the navigation starts screwing about adding stress to stress... but we finally made it. There was a line, but it wasnt too big yet. It only took us a few minutes before we were inside. Our line only had a few people in it. So you arent allowed to bring in ANY electronic devices, take pictures or anything. I wanted a pic of Robin infront of the entrance, but they said no. So I had to run the camera back to the car. (in heels)
Anywho...we get inside, go through security, and then we go wait for Robins number to be called. There were only a few people in front of us, but they werent prepared like we were. They had to keep going back or getting a different form to fill out. So it took them a little longer at the window.
Robin finally got called up after about 45min waiting, we were at the window for 2minutes... luckily we had a lawyer help us and she said that everything was there, take a seat and wait to be called up at the other window. So we went and sat back down.
About 30 minutes later, Robin got called up again, so we went up and the guy was telling us what to do with his paperwork that he will be receiving in about 2 weeks, and that the visa is only good for 6 months so we have to be IN the states within that time. That took about 5 min or so. Robin was pretty excited. Then we had to go back and sit down and wait for the last window.
The "interview" window. We had been watching the lady with the people before us and she seemed REALLY strick, and then the stress came back for Robin! But when it was our turn (about 30 min later)we went up to the window, I asked her where she was from, cause she had a little bit of an accient.She swore us in, then she told us that she was going to ask us a couple of questions, first Robin and then me. She didnt really ask ANY hard questions, just how we met, why did we get married so fast, what are our plans in the states, where was I born....for me she just aksed about my divorce, and if I had any kids...then she told us that Robin should receive his passport and other documents within two weeks. Wished eachother a nice weekend and we said goodbye.
We went to the car, Robin was SO excited it was cute! I took a pic of him all excited and then we went to Mc D's to celebrate. lol Then after we got done eating and celebrating, we headed home. Then Robin received his envelope the next week. So since then, we have been planning on how to get rid of all our big things and when we should fly.....