Monday, September 27, 2010

Last Week

So last week wasnt bad. the weather went from being sunny and somewhat warm to crappy, cold and rainy. my German lessons are going well. I am slowly catching on. its a little creepy walking home at 8:30 pm... but I will be fine.

This is my school (on one of the sunny days, I went for a walk)

It was nice, Thursday, the girls had a girls night, and we went to an Italian resteraunt, right next to a Fußball field. the team was practicing too, but anywho...the food and company was great! getting to know Robins friends is nice. they are very helpful towards me. and also Thursday night when I got home. Robin was there! YAY!! he got to come home a day early. that was nice, but then he woke up in the night, coughing and having a hard time breathing through his nose. and we were supposed to go back to the county office to talk to them about me getting residency here.... we still went, and he seemed much better when we were out walking around. but he wanted to just stay home and sleep. so I was pretty restless all weekend!! I am in the house all week, and when he gets home I want to go out and do something....weither it be going for a walk around town or whatever.. so while taking care of him, I am pretty sure that I annoyed him too. but he seemed to be feeling better yesterday before he left.
ok, so the whole residency thing...aparently all goverment places dont like to work on fridays, but we ended up calling them, and the girl that was incharge of us, was there and actually answered the phone. so we went up and they talked in German the whole time. so I had NO clue what was going on accept a few words that I understood. I guess its going to be a lot easier than in the states. but I have to get a lot of stuff together, and etiher take a basic German test, or have my teacher sign and stamp something saying that I know the basics.... (they stamp EVERYTHING) and the girl that is incharge of us, is going to be gone the whole month of October so we have to get it all done asap... not that I'm not stressed about learning the language as it is... they throw this in. oh well... things seem to keep working in our favor, so hopefully it continues that way.

We also celebrated one of Robins friends, Freddy's birthday. we all went over to his place and had Leberkäse (their version of spam) and the one we had at Freddy's was WAY better then the one I had at a resteraunt. and for his cake/desert we had Tiramisu. I only had a few bites... the coffe taste was VERY strong. it was good, but REALLY strong.

This is Freddy licking the knife that just cut the Tiramisu.

The boys signing up for thier Bungy jump this next weekend.(was quite funny to watch)

I have also been gettin eatin alive by bugs! I have at least 5 far. and of course they are all in areas that get bumped alot.. so they itch like crazy! but anywho. Saturday and Sunday they had a boating convention (also snowboarding stuff) and we went to it on Sunday with Rolland, and we walked around, and I ended up getting some purple snow pants. only 66 euros. normally 110. and a blk/purple wallet. Robin found some lime green pants, but I guess they weren't on sale. they were 180 Euros... so he didnt get them.
When we were leaving their Zeppelin was landing, so I got a few pix.

well, thats pretty much all that happened last week. if I think of anything else I will right it down. here are some pics of Ravensburg:

This is Central Ravensburg, I walk through it every Mon., and Wed. to class.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Had a BLAST at Oktoberfest on Sat. It is HUGE! We went on opening day so it wasn't too busy yet or lots of drunks. (there was only a few) There were lots of people dressed up and lots not dressed up. And there were't a lot of girls in bright colors, so that was nice.
We stayed at his half sisters house with her and her mom. They are very nice! Had really good food! We got back around 7pm, and I wasnt feeling so good, so I went and layed down, and I got up a few times, but pretty much slept till 7am the next morning. I also kinda cheated, when I woke up one time around 10pm, I took some sleep med. cause I have been having a hard time sleeping here at night, and I kept on waking up Robin. But I felt much better after that!
Here are some pix from Oktoberfest:

Friday, September 17, 2010

some pictures so far

on the ferry

first dinner in Ravensburg

the group

grocery shopping

lunch in downtown Ravensburg

Thursday, September 16, 2010

finally made it ( and cant sleep)

I cant sleep so I figured I would update my trip.
Well, after a loooooooong day at airports and in a plane, I finally made it! My plane from Seatle to New York arrived early, then my flight to Zurich was delayed for hrs due to maintenance. But I was only 1 hour later then I was supposed to be. after Robin picked me up, we came home and rested, (he didnt sleep so well last night either) then we met up with Robin's friends for some dinner. It was actually pretty good, and just like he warned me, the service was HORRIBLE! there pretty much wasnt any. I will post the few pix I've taken later. The keyboard is gonna take some getting used to as well as everything else. Most of the letter keys are the same, just the Z and the Y have switched, also there's a few added German letter keys like: ö,ä,ü... and then the symbol keys are all over, and some others added.
All in all, I LOVE IT HERE! It is so beautiful, even with the cold, wet weather. I just love the little towns, old buildings! well, I'm gonna try and go back to sleep now. goodnight

Monday, September 13, 2010

last day in Spokane

well I am all packed up. just have to pack up the rest of the stuff that needs to go in the garage. cant believe that this day is already here! it seems like not to long ago I had to say goodbye to my husband. now its 2 months later and I am about to start a new journey. I will do my best to keep up this blog!