Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter in Paris

We were lucky enough to spend Easter weekend in Paris with Robin's Uncle and Aunt. We were able to see one of the most beautiful castles, the Effel Tower and Euro Disney. Here are a few pix.

Robins Aunt and Uncle

And we found a Dominos in the little city next to his family. And it was YUMMY!

Chambord Castle

This is a really cool staircase. There are two entrances, and they never connect.

Eiffel Tower
We waited in line for 4 hours to go up. (If you plan on ever going, buy your tickets onine, there was NO line) While we were waiting, a stoopid bird pooped on my foot...unfortunatly I dont have a pic of it, but it was grose! Once we came down, we walked across the street to take a pic of us and the whole tower in the background, then it started raining. Everyone ran to find cover, we hid under a tree for about 5 min, then it stopped, so we went to the famous Avenue des Champs d'Elysees. There were SO many expensive stores. But it was really neat to see.

The scary/ghetto train station....

Disney Land

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dachau Concentration Camp

I've been wanting to visit a concentration camp and learn more about what happened. It is so tragic what happened to those people. It was a good experience to see what they went through. Here is the website for the camp if you would like to know more.

the entry gate.... "ARBEIT MACHT FREI"-word for word translation is "work makes free" a better translation is "work liberates" this is where they all entered into the camp, after they were harassed and made to feel like they were nothing before entering...

It was in this area that the prisoners were counted every morning and evening, and assigned to their work details. Punishment measures were announced and carried out here publicly to intimidate the prisoners.Dead prisoners were brought to roll-call and included in the count.

This is where newly arrived prisoners had their heads shaved, were disinfected, showered and then sent to the barracks dressed in their prisoner clothing.

Prisoner Barracks

The crematorium grounds were strictly separated from the prisoners' camp. In fact, the bridge was a later construction intended to provide visitors with access to the area after the grounds were incorporated as a memorial. In the SS camp, the path branched off to the crematorium area in front of the Jourhaus. Only the crematorium work detail was permitted to enter this area. This area also served as an execution site.

You can kind of see the barb-wire on the fence. It was also an electric fence, and there stood men in the tower who shot people who stepped on the grass. A lot of people did it on purpose.

"Remember how we died here"

The Crematorium

"Disinfektant" room

This is the room where they were told that they would be able to shower....but they all knew what was comming. They only put fake shower heads on the cealing to make it seem like it was really a shower room. Then they locked the people in and turned on the gass.

This is one of the places where they burned the bodies.

One of the memorials in the camp.

"Ashes of the unknown concentration camp prisoner"

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Insel Mainau

Not to far from where we live is a BEAUTIFUL Island with lots of beautiful flowers and of course a Castle. Robin has told me a lot about it and we finally went when the flowers were in bloom.